Jordan Critz
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When We Get Home

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Jordan is an American award winning composer, producer and songwriter. His work has been featured on numerous recording, film and television including Disney, National Geographic, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC, CW, ESPN, Lifetime, TEDx and more. Jordan believes that every melody tells a story. His goal in composing and producing is to craft the melodies and music to enhance the story that’s being told by the artist or by the film director.

Critz's classical training on piano and guitar from the age of 6 fueled his love and unorthodox approach for making music. Because of his broad experience in working with many different styles of music, he’s right at home producing a rock band, working on folk music or scoring an orchestra for a film.

Jordan is a multi-instrumentalist and has toured with numerous artists and played on many records around the world. His recording studio is located in Nashville, TN.



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